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The PRSuperSnoop recently sat in on yet another gathering of journalist-speakers. Sponsored by Business Wire, these breakfast clan gatherings are rarely newsworthy events. This time there was something of note that impacts both the marcom industry and its clients.

Simply put, the first item is that the press release is really, really dead! The PRsnoop’s added emphasis is for those who didn’t pay attention to “Regis Himself.” Back in the early ‘80s, he declared the press release dead, then totally revamped his firm to focus on market relations. (Regis McKenna was the marketing/PR guru whose RMI firm almost single-handedly created Silicon Valley). At the Business Wire breakfast, several key editors and journalists re-affirmed Regis’ proclamation, by acknowledging that press releases “often [make that usually] go unread.”

Second, when asked how these newspaper and periodical writers filter their story leads, the response was that decisions about the value of a potential story is determined by the blogosphere. “If the bloggers are writing about it, we go with it too.”

Shocking! The PRSuperSnoop was startled. Not about the press release being DOA at any journalist’s desk, but that these professionals no longer wanted a “scoop.” This de-positioning of newsroom editors and journalists to playing second fiddle to bloggers has implications for PR firms engaging in traditional press relations. The new paradigm is apparently chase and pitch storylines to bloggers, instead of to the good old boys in the press corp.

As to the prosaic press release, the PRSuperSnoop suggests you “just say NO” to those clients that are still hopelessly addicted to them.

The PRSuperSnoop is fully aware that Business Wire makes its money distributing those old fashioned releases. Sorry about that!

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One Response to “Breakfast at Business Wire”

  1. Joan Naidish Says:

    For the record…”Regis Himself” did not declare the press release dead. Rather, he declared that “PR (Public Relations) was dead.” His pronouncement was a call to action for high-tech companies to change the way they communicated with their customers about making technology-based purchasing decisions. Thus, was born the concept of “market relations,” premised on Regis’ astute observation that buyers of high-tech products and services need validation from resources they trust. I was a principal at Regis McKenna, Inc. for eight years, during which I practiced and refined the firm’s market relations methodologies.

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