Social Bookmarking Spreads Awareness of Your Business


Social bookmarks are links to websites or web pages that are stored (bookmarked) by an online user for easy future access. Anyone can bookmark one of your site’s pages by posting its URL (often with a comment) on special social bookmarking sites.

Capturing these “favorites” is one of the most effective and easiest methods to popularize your website. Web consultants always include social bookmarking as a “must-do” strategy in an overall web optimization plan that produces increased awareness of your company and its products/services.

As part of your strategy, your site's pages should include tools that invite visitors to bookmark.Your social bookmarking tactics should include writing a concise (25-40 word) description of your business for use on the social-bookmark posting websites. Often the bookmarking site will provide a profile listing area where you can post your company description. Effective text might come from your customers’ comments on your products. Product reviews are another resource for compelling bookmarking text. Blogs about your business or products are yet another source. You should write the bookmarking text in your own words. Be open with your audience and crystal clear in your bookmarking description. That helps in building trust and long term relationships with your site visitors.

You’re going to social bookmarking sites and bookmarking each of your web pages is fine, but that alone will not produce satisfactory results. You will need to develop additional ways to make your social bookmarking more effective.

As part of your feedback strategy, your site’s pages should include tools that invite visitors to bookmark. Provide feedback tools that make it easy for visitors to make comments and give feedback about your products and services. To make this process easy and convenient, you can place a social bookmarking widget on every page. Widgets are available online, and many of them are free. Here’s the URL for a list of 10 popular social bookmarking sites. They’re free, and some of them provide widget tools, as well as links to third-party widget sources.

Create and post a bookmark for the information on each page of your website. A 15-page website yields that many different social bookmarks which you can then post. When you post your bookmarks on social bookmarking sites, do it only once. Others will see your bookmark, and optimize it by voting their interest and support. That voting process is known as syndication.

Also, as you add new information to your site, you will want to update your social bookmarks. Bookmarking websites’ content gets old rapidly, as others post their favorite sites, so your posted contents will disappear quickly from their dominant position on the bookmarking sites. To avoid having your social bookmarks get stale, consider blogging as a way to keep posting new content on your site. Blogs are the most effective ways to build your social bookmarking strategies. Posting a weekly blog, then bookmarking it on the various social sites, is a great way to make your social bookmarking more productive.

With the progress of Internet technology, many entrepreneurs now have the ability to bookmark more than the text-only information on their sites. Your bookmarking plan can now include posting bookmarks that link to audio and video content on your site. All the popular social bookmarking websites now accept bookmarks that support audio and video. If you are not doing it already, start developing compelling content in a video format, such as webinars, podcasts, and product demonstrations. Audio content is also popular, so content such as interviews, or product recommendations from satisfied customers, are available for bookmarking.


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