LinkedIn Works for B2B Sales Prospecting


With a growing membership of 120 million worldwide (40 million U.S. members), survey data indicate that LinkedIn is becoming the preferred social networking site for B2B sales prospecting and customer acquisition.

HubSpot’s 2011 State of Inbound Marketing survey reports that 61% of B2B respondents state that they have acquired a customer using LinkedIn. The site, according to survey results, significantly outperforms Facebook and Twitter by 20% and 22%, respectively, for B2B sales lead generation and new customer acquisition.

Hubspot Customer acquisition

eMarketer’s 2010 B2B SalesPulse Survey reports that, among U.S. B2B sales professionals surveyed, the most effective social network for prospecting and research is LinkedIn. The site’s effectiveness has, according to OneSource, translated into a significant increase in usage. Nearly half, or 47.8%, of the respondents say that they use LinkedIn more now than compared to a year earlier. An additional 14.7% of previous users will continue with LinkedIn for prospecting and research. Combined, 62.5% of B2B respondents find LinkedIn useful for prospecting, a statistic nearly identical to HubSpot’s 61%.

eMarketer Chart

These findings point to the benefits and tools that LinkedIn offers companies marketing and selling B2B.

See my next post Tactics for Generating Sales Leads.


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