MarkeTech’s Blog Site Isn’t Just for Boot Camp Participants


“Just about anyone can post a guest blog on this site,” says MarkeTech.

I’ve posted a couple of guest blogs on this website in the past, but I never realized that MarkeTech’s perspective of who can post here was such an open-door policy. I spoke with Patrick Potega, the CSTO, and he told me some interesting things about the blog site.

First, MarkeTech has always had a liberal guest-blog perspective in making its blog pages available. The only parameters, it seems, are that guest bloggers must be in a B2B company which is in the wireless (or more broad telecommunications) industry.

After that, anyone who wants to post a guest blog should present the topic to MarkeTech. Potega was surprised that the “online guest blog” inquiry form that’s been available for over a year to anyone who wants to submit a guest blog isn’t more widely known. Here’s where to access the form.

As a blogger, I appreciate that the MarkeTech team reviews and edits all guest blogs before posting. You even get a
complimentary critique of your blog, including suggestions on how to make your blog more effective.

From what I was told, MarkeTech does not accept blogs that are too self promotional. The firm won’t hesitate to reject sales pitches, product announcements, and the like. “Those just aren’t blogs, no matter where they are posted,” president Joan Naidish chimed into the conversation. She went on to say that there are so many industry- and sector-wide issues that need an open forum where blogs are just the right medium. MarkeTech is committed to doing its part, by promoting its site’s guest blogs so that they get read by the right audience. I must admit that the firm has been doing that for its B2B wireless clients since 1979.

I learned that we can expect to see a lot more visitor-engaging changes to the site in the future. “It’s the people in our industry that will play a more meaningful role in this site’s content,” Potega indicated.

All of this was good news to me. I’m a peripatetic blogger, by profession. My name rarely appears on the blogs I write, since I mostly ghost write for others. So, ironically, the MarkeTech blog site provides me a platform where I can occasionally get my identity in print!

On a totally different but related topic, I checked out the Social Media Boot Camp download. I was expecting something highly technical. The pleasant surprise is that the 10 steps are really basic and uncomplicated. Yet, they are to the point. Learning to “listen,” how to post a comment, and all others are the real foundational building blocks of being effective in online social conversations. Graduates of the Boot Camp have posting access on MarkeTech’s  blog site. WOW!

I look forward to seeing your guest blogs!

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