Social Media Monetization…Everything New is Old Again


MarkeTech’s Social Media Monetizationprogram shows how
your B2B organization can successfully generate revenues
from social media programs.
The secret is nothing new!

Social Media is nothing new. Its market relations principles and practices have a success-based pedigree. The essentials of monetization were rooted in the high-tech marketing/PR disciplines of the mid-1980s. Regis McKenna Inc., the PR firm that virtually single-handed created Silicon Valley, proclaimed that Public Relations was dead. What replaced it was Market Relations (MR), replete with social networking, “the conversation,” and most all the programs and activities that define today’s Social Media. So, except for the sea change of the Internet as a communications medium, there’s little new about relationship marketing as it was originally created by RMI, where MarkeTech founder Joan Naidish was an RMI principal who pioneered many of the original Market Relations techniques.

MarkeTech’s Social Media Monetization program exploits and updates the market relations methodologies used to achieve the success stories of B2B networking and communications companies like AT&T, Motorola, Xircom, and Intel.

But that sea change of the World Wide Web did seriously impact relationship marketing. The business development strategies of high-tech businesses were upset, with attempts to monetize Web 1.0 being mistakenly based on information dissemination. Old-fashioned PR was used to plaster product and company information all over the web ecosphere, using primarily press releases and online articles. Ever since Web 2.0 with its social model came along, B2B companies
entrenched in the PR disciplines have been slow to transition to relationship marketing. History is indeed repeating itself…PR once again seems to be dead, and MR appears to be back as the business-development model.

What About You?
What’s this all have to do you? Consider that your company has been imprinted throughout with PR. From your information-based website, to how your communications programs with the outside world are orchestrated, everything is predicated on PR. In essence, migrating to Social Media may be akin to a company-wide switch to a new marketing/sales religion, with its new beliefs, different rituals and practices, etc. This is high-stakes stuff!

Why the religious belief metaphor? Maybe it’s the influence of a survey from the Social Media Bible, which revealed that two-thirds of 1,000 business owners couldn’t define social media, but 99% believed it was going to have a major impact on their companies.

The Social Media Monetization Program
The Social Media Monetization isn’t a one-shot webinar, or the like. It used to be a by-invitation webinar several years ago, but there was so much content that it grew to taking over two hours by the time the Q&A ended.

Today, it’s a curriculum of events and activities that even include one-on-one consultations. The course materials have been expanded…there’s even a session on “How to get people to believe in you.”  One of the perennial business-development favorites is how to build a social media infrastructure suitable for monetization.

It is expected (and strongly recommended) that all participants have completed MarkeTech’s 10-step Social Media Boot Camp. It’s a self-guided how-to available as a free download.

Enrollment in the Social Media Monetization program is limited, and there’s often a waiting list. Advance pre-registration is recommended.

We’re always here to help.
We welcome your inputs or puzzling problems by email,
or phone at (818) 883-9895 (Pacific Time).

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