MarkeTech Announces Social Media Boot Camp


A self-guided tutorial that turns a B2B social networking
 newbie into an online publisher
and contributor in 10 easy steps.

LOS ANGELES — November 2, 2011 — Responding to B2B companies that are taking a Do-It-Yourself approach to online social networking, MarkeTech announced today its Social Media Boot Camp. This latest self-help tool in its business-development arsenal takes a social newbie through a proven 10-step process. The result is an online-networking savvy and socially responsive blogger, or a proficient contributor who can comment on others’ online postings. The program places emphasis on participation in discussion groups and chat rooms, where bootcampers gain experience in everything from learning to “listen,” to joining in social conversations.

This Social Media Boot Camp provides both advice and hands-on self-implementation TODO’s that enable participants to be effective online B2B communicators who develop the social skills to achieve business goals. Even though the Boot Camp is self-guided, MarkeTech personnel are available and hands on with each participant. “We don’t leave anyone stranded without a lifeline,” explains president Joan Naidish. “We check their progress, usually in real time. They find us monitoring their posts on discussion-group sites, for example. When they reach the blogging stage, we even make our blog site available for them to post as a guest.”

Downloading and going through the free Social Media Boot Camp is just the start. It leads to a comprehensive course in real-world Social Media Monetization. Nothing self-guided here,
as Boot Camp “graduates” are taken through a hands-on mentoring process that focuses on social networking for revenue generation.

“Our over 30 years of know-how in business development doing marketing, sales, and public relations pays off here for those who earn a living in B2B,” states Chief Strategic & Tactical Officer, Patrick Potega. “Based on our survey of the B2B wireless market sector and an evaluation of 50 industry websites, it almost seems that the cards are stacked against them. It’s a B2C-centric Internet. No B2B social sites to speak of, and precious little software that isn’t just a derivative of business-to-consumer.”

Those B2B executives or company personnel who are – or want to be – part of the social online conversation can get the basics by downloading the free Social Media Boot Camp self-guided program from MarkeTech’s blog site.

About MarkeTech
Since 1979, the MarkeTech team has been creating and implementing innovative business development solutions to its B2B wireless industry clients’ marketing and business-growth challenges.

Contact Info:

Joan R. Naidish
P: +1 (818) 883-9895 (Pacific Time)
F: +1 (818) 883-5706


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