About MarkeTech

Since 1979, the marketing/PR gurus at MarkeTech have solved a wide range of B2B high-tech business-development puzzles for their clients. The firm’s fortes are its innovative marketing and PR strategies, tactics, and pioneering process-driven implementations.

Its team is uniquely qualified, with EIRs (Entrepreneurs-in-Residence) who founded their own B2B tech companies, retired high-tech editors/publishers, a technology patent holder, and theLaunch Czar“.

The firm has domain expertise across a wide range of technologies, including:

          •  Networks
          •  Telecom
          •  Wireless
          •  Mesh
GIS (Geographic Information Systems)
Information Security
Semiconductor (Devices/Equipment)
IT Products/Services
Computers (Software/Peripherals)
Emergency Response
Homeland Security
Commercial Aviation

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Popular MarkeTech Products and Services

The quality of MarkeTech’s work products has been acknowledged as Six Sigma. The firm offers its clients over 90 marketing/PR products, and some 42 services. Highlights of its most popular products and services include: 

Social Media
          •  Social media boot camp
          •  Monetizing social media
Web Sites
          •  Full design and development services
          •  Social Media sites
Online/Offline Content Development
          •  Webinars
          •  Press Releases
             (1,250 so far)
          •  White Papers

NOTE: Wholesale-priced document creation is available from JSC-DIRECT, a MarkeTech subsidiary.

Content Distribution
          •  Search engine hits
              (17,500 hits from one press release)
Press/Analyst Relations
          •  Article placement
              (91% of pitched articles have been published)
Product/Technology Launches
          •  MarkeTech’s reputation as the “Launch Czar
             (50 product/technology launches so far)

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MarkeTech = Business Development

As a specialist firm in the area of business development, MarkeTech’s practice employs a number of techniques in a multi-disciplinary approach that resolves pivotal business growth issues, such as gaining new customers, penetrating existing (or new) markets. Since 1979, the firm has provided enterprise and early growth high-tech B2B companies with solutions to business-development issues such as:

Assessing marketing opportunities
          • Primary research/analysis
          • Identifying and validating target markets
Setting up and managing market relations
          • “Camp Marketing” (Leveraging third-party strategic relationships and alliances)
          • Specs & Standards Marketing
Gathering/analyzing business intelligence
          • Customers, including profiling early adopters
          • Exploiting competitive differentiators
Generating sales leads
Supporting sales’ capture management operations (pre-through-post-bid phases)
Enabling the client-facing sales process
          • Creating presentations
          • Sales scripts
          • Support documents
          • Rehearsing spokespersons and sales force
Supporting the “pipeline”
          • Audience Management
          • Customer Relations Management and CRM databases
Developing sales management information (SMI)
          • Causes of wins/losses
          • Opportunities progress of the sales process
          • Salespeople/channel performance
Managing information, messages, and feedback
          • Concurrent Marketing
          • “Mesh” Communications

MarkeTech’s skill sets, as a business-development team of specialists, is comprised of a mixture of hands-on experiences in real-world companies relevant to:

√ Sales
√ Capture Management
√ High-tech entrepreneurship
√ Marketing
√ Public Relations
√ Strategic Business Planning
         •  Tactical implementation
√ Legal (Including IP)

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The“Launch Czar”

Over its 31 years, the MarkeTech team has pioneered more marketing and PR methodologies, and innovated more strategic and tactical “best-practices” than any other firm. In use, these pioneering methodologies, along with innovative strategies and tactics, resulted in the MarkeTech team’s reputation as the Launch Czar. Here are a few examples of the team’s 50 launches of groundbreaking products or technologies:

→ First practical mobile computing device (personal communicator)
→ First installed emergency-responders mesh network
→ First wireless LAN
→ First non-directional-infrared wireless LAN
→ First laptop-to-network adapter (PCCard)
→ First affordable wax-ink color printer
→ First battery-safety specs/standards
→ First safe laptop battery
→ First end-user-installable processor
→ First information-security monitoring service
→ First personal security token
→ First ATCA-systems online test lab
→ First display typewriter
→ First commercial aviation in-seat power and wireless cabin LAN

Other notable MarkeTech-launched products/technologies:

→ Data services for telecom providers
→ Dbase IV
→ Founder: “Travel Mobility” SIG
→ Founder: PEDA (Passenger Electronic Device Association)

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Client List

 MT Client List (From JSC) 04-05-10

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