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Crossing the Chasm For Geoff Moore

August 29, 2011

My experiences as one of Geoff Moore’s first chasm test cases
certainly taught me a lesson about confronting
my client’s new-technology launch.

My very first project as a principal at RMI (Regis McKenna Inc) was as the team leader on the launch of a client’s new thermal-wax color printer technology.  

It was a year before Geoff Moore, a partner at RMI, would publish Crossing the Chasm. He approached me to alpha test his still-under-development chasm models. As he explained his ideas and concepts about this “chasm,” I became excited about the potential benefits it could bring to B2B-technology-marketing practitioners like me. My client’s pending launch seemed the perfect test bed.

I Go Head-to-Head with One of the World’s First Chasms

In those days, RMI methodologies defined what product-launch marketing and PR strategies and tactics were. The firm’s market relations® processes and techniques had launched all the major high-tech players, and went on to create — virtually single-handedly – the brand “Silicon Valley.” Dataproducts, my client, certainly had great expectations (more…)

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