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There are currently four downloadable documents available:

  • Products Menu
  • Services Menu
  • MarkeTech Brochure
  • MarkeTech Backgrounder

To download a document, click on the text link provided in the description adjacent to the image of the document.   

MarkeTech Products Menu
Products Menu

MarkeTech’s Products Menu

With over 90 unique items, this menu describes most every imaginable online or offline product for resolving your company’s business development, marketing, sales, and PR problems. Whether it be a basic press release, or a sophisticated webinar, it’s all here. As a pioneer in its industry since 1979, many products are highly innovative and proprietary to MarkeTech…but they are all field tested.

Download Products Menu

MarkeTech Services Menu
Services Menu

MarkeTech’s Services Menu

This menu describes the 42+ distinctive services MarkeTech offers its clients. As business development problem solvers the services provide marketing/PR strategic and tactical campaigns, programs, and projects that are always customized to suit a client’s partiular situation. Always innovating, the firm developed “stracticals” (concurrent strategic and tactial implementation) as a way to jumpstart most every campaign. Particular emphasis is placed on process at MarkeTech, so bringing services together into an overall action plan is paramount to achieving client goals.

 Download Services Menu 

MarkeTech Brochure
MarkeTech Brochure

MarkeTech’s Brochure

What the firm is all about.
It’s Vision and Mission.
The promises to its clients.
Backgrounds of those who make the business the success that it is.
Its JSC-DIRECT subsidiary
and more

 Download MarkeTech Brochure

MarkeTech Backgrounder
MarkeTech Backgrounder

  MarkeTech’s Backgrounder

The Who, What, When, and Where of MarkeTech along a multi-decade timeline. The achievements are there, too. Yes, the firm has definitely been there and done that, so you can be confident that it can do just about anything you need done.  

The document was actually formatted for an 11 x 17″ poster, so things may look a little busy in this reduced 11 x 8.5″ version. The poster is available upon request…Click Here.

Download MarkeTech Backgrounder   

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