Compelling Content

Web 2.5-3.0 anticipates “compelling content.” The term compelling means many things to many web “experts,” but when one strips away all the hype, it all comes down to good writing intended for online publication, usually on your website.

If you want to write in a way that compels your site visitors to find their way into your sales funnel, there are certain characteristics of your writing “style” and content that will help achieve that outcome, such as:

  • Use the time-honored inverted pyramid to structure your document’s information flow
  • Since you have a visitor’s attention for perhaps 2-3 minutes, rely on bullet points whenever practical (no more than five)
  • Hit the relevant highpoints, then text-link to more detailed information
  • Be concise. It’s good practice to write the first draft and set it aside for a few days, then come back and edit it until you have reduced the word count by at least 30%
  • Try to anticipate what brought a visitor to your website, and include keywords that they may have used in their online research
  • Do your messages and positioning statements present your primary keywords, and vice versa?
  • Avoid blatant “market-speak.” Replace all of the feature-based hype about your product with real-world user benefits, for example, but don’t self-proselytize
  • Always spell out WAASF (What All Acronyms Stand For)
  • Don’t use “techie” jargon…plain English is best.

By the way, your content doesn’t always have to be the center of your site’s attention. Publish other’s material now and then, especially that from recognized authorities in your marketplace. Industry news is also a big draw for boosting site traffic.

Source: Team MarkeTech

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