Solving a Puzzle — Weak Web Links

Puzzle: My links stink! The quality of external links to my website reflects low traffic, weak search-engine page rankings (SERPs), high cost-per-visitor, etc.

 Solution: These easy steps can improve the quality and ROI of your inbound links:

1. Be stingy about the number of links:
          a. Let the quality of your site’s content drive the number of links
               i. Make sure the content is compelling enough to cause a link-generated visitor to become a potential conversion
               ii. Update content frequently on your links’ landing pages

2. Never have more than about half of your external links land visitors on your index page. Poor landing page or anchor text selection are very common mistakes, and failing to embed keywords in your anchor text is also a usual faux pas

3. Always evaluate the relevance of the external link site. Most (at least 75%) of your links should come from sites that your customer prospects are likely to frequent

4. There are questionable links from sources that can quickly get your site red flagged by search engines. Watch out for link farms, any type of for-purchase link scams, and links that have weak relevance to your site’s content.

Click here to find out more about links, including lists of online directories, wikis, profile sites (many of which are free), and best practices for posting your information on these kind of sites.

Source: Team MarkeTech

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