The Essential First Step In a Successful Press Release

Often overlooked or neglected, targeting a specific audience is the first critical step in achieving success with a press release. Often there’s a misconception that stems from the audiences identified by the content distributor. Especially when a wire service is used, one tends to assume that the press release content should be written to address the wide (and divergent) audiences offered by the wire service. In reality, 90% of the time those who receive your press release through a wire service are not the audience your content should target. Wire services target publications (editors, journalists, bloggers, et al). When those press/media professionals are your intended audience, the strategies and tactics – especially content and messages — are totally different.

 Here are a few examples of possible target audiences:

  • Existing installed base that you want to purchase your product upgrade
  • Your customers’ customers (end users)
  • Channel partners
  • Competitors
  • Vendors/suppliers

The list may be quite extensive. Here’s a way to back into discovering your press release’s intended audience. Using the subject matter of your planned release, write three benefits or outcomes for each audience identified in your list. Only one audience should become apparent. If that doesn’t happen, your subject matter is probably too loosely defined, or you should consider more than one version of the press release.

With the proper audience defined, and three (or more) benefits attributed to that audience, you can now write a compelling press release that has focused audience information and messages.

Source: Team MarkeTech


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