Snippets Make a Comeback

Here is the Snippets du Jour press release:

Snippets Make a Comeback

MarkeTech’s “Snippets du Jour” deliver info-bites that users can plug into social media conversations.

LOS ANGELES, April 9, 2010 — After being absent for several years, MarkeTech’s “Snippets du Jour” are back. Catch bags of miscellanea originally distributed by the business-development marketing/PR firm to its clients, Snippets are again available to any high-tech business.

Recent Snippet potpourris of high-tech info-bites, self-help hints, cool tools, etc., have included topics such as compelling online/offline content, Weak Web Links, and results of a social media survey.

“The time for a Snippets revival is right,” states MarkeTech president Joan Naidish. “While they’re not exactly Tweets, they do convey useful information in a bite-sized form factor. Snippets do have social networking potential as ‘ice-breakers’ in online conversations. Unlike the ‘factoids’ of Cliff Clavin, (Cheers! TV show), and the ‘Truthiness’ statements of Stephen Colbert (TV’s The Colbert Report), Snippets deliver source-verified information that can be woven into a social media dialogue.”

The value of the original Snippets du Jour included MarkeTech’s clients plugging these FYI items into their e-mails, newsletters, and blogs. Snippets also provided interesting filler content for those holes clients had on their web pages. Such re-purposing continues, as all Snippet content can be freely used, as long as the source(s) are credited.

“The resumption of Snippets now allows for contributions. As long as the submitted content has value to a B2B high-tech audience, we’re happy to include it with appropriate contributor credit,” notes MarkeTech CSTO Patrick Potega.

MarkeTech distributes Snippets via e-mail, as well as posts them on its blog site. Its name to the contrary, Snippets du Jour are not circulated daily. They are periodic…usually once or twice a week.

Click here to receive Snippets du Jour by e-mail.  Snippet contributors should use the same resources for submitting content.

Return to View “Snippets du Jour” page.

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