Surveys Say…

Here’s some data about audience segmentation by how age groups get their news. This info might cause you to reconsider the relative value of newspapers and other media the next time you distribute a press release or other type of news story.

Media Ages 18-49 Age 50+
Print Newspaper 19% 35%
Online 34% 16%
Television 52% 69%
Radio 20% 22%
“Don’t Know” 2% 1%

Here’s survey data on how frequently each age group reads a print newspaper.


Ages 18-49

Age 50+




2-3 Times/Week



Weekends Only



Don’t Read



Source: SSRS 1/15/10 – 1/24/10 N=1,040

Related issues are the general health of the above-cited media. Vocus reports that 300 newspapers folded in 2009. While not surveyed as a news medium by SSRS, the print magazine category is also shrinking — eight with circulations over one million folded last year. Print media employment shows hundreds of editorial positions eliminated. In TV land, 100 stations were affected by Chapter 11 filings, and 10,000 jobs in radio were lost last year.

Source: Vocus Whitepaper “Re-emerging Trend in 2010: Integrating Marketing and PR.”

What’s the relevance of this data? One point is the old saw that purchasers (both B2B and B2C) have to see or hear about your company, its brand, product, etc., in at least 4 to 6 different media outlets before they will form and embrace a belief about you that will lead to a buy.

In other words, maybe you shouldn’t put all your messaging marbles into online media. Box that investment with offline content as well.


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