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The Apple-Gizmodo Affair…Publicity Stunt or Accident?

April 29, 2010

Having been in the high-tech marketing and public relations industry for decades and as president of MarkeTech, I find it hard to believe that this Apple-Gizmodo affair was an “accident.” An Apple employee inadvertently leaves the next-gen iPhone prototype in a bar. Really? Someone picks it up and just happens to sell it to Gizmodo for $5,000. Are you serious? From where I sit, this looks more like a brilliant publicity stunt and calculated press leak to build anticipation.

As a former principal at Regis McKenna, Inc. (RMI), the firm that launched Apple, I can tell you that every move, every message, the timing and substance of communications with press and analysts, were always carefully choreographed by Apple down to the last detail. Nothing was leaked “accidentally.” RMI employees couldn’t even share information with other in-house personnel who were not on the Apple account.

While at RMI, my team had wrapped up a marathon session on Motorola’s launch of the industry’s first wireless LAN. My team and I, along with a group of Motorola engineers, dashed to O’Hare airport. Two days later Motorola called. Which one of us had left confidential

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