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It’s Time for a New Website: Key Indicators

May 7, 2010

“How do I know when it’s time to build a new (or to refurbish the) company website?” It’s one of the most asked questions of MarkeTech.

 The key indicators break out into three areas:

  1. Decline in productivity of the current website
  2. Changes within your business
  3. Technological advances in website development

The first one is measurable. There are plenty of site-diagnostic tools that will produce reports on changes in viewership, the quality of links to your site, amount of syndication, etc. Such tools will give you data, but analyzing what’s wrong can sometimes be tricky. Does the data point toward a new website look, or is it your content that is the culprit? MarkeTech’s Ink Quotient™ tool focuses on content metrics, for example.

Changes within your business can justify a new website. That’s especially the case if there’s been a sea change in your marketplace, such as a shift in buyer preferences. Perhaps you’re about to launch a revolutionary product, and you want a new “brand” look for your online presence. Shifts in your positioning and messaging should be part of the new brand’s online presence, of course. I rarely recommend

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