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Social Media Monetization…Everything New is Old Again

November 1, 2011

MarkeTech’s Social Media Monetizationprogram shows how
your B2B organization can successfully generate revenues
from social media programs.
The secret is nothing new!

Social Media is nothing new. Its market relations principles and practices have a success-based pedigree. The essentials of monetization were rooted in the high-tech marketing/PR disciplines of the mid-1980s. Regis McKenna Inc., the PR firm that virtually single-handed created Silicon Valley, proclaimed that Public Relations was dead. What replaced it was Market Relations (MR), replete with social networking, “the conversation,” and most all the programs and activities that define today’s Social Media. So, except for the sea change of the Internet as a communications medium, there’s little new about relationship marketing as it was originally created by RMI, where MarkeTech founder Joan Naidish was an RMI principal who pioneered many of the original Market Relations techniques.

MarkeTech’s Social Media Monetization program exploits and updates the market relations methodologies used to achieve the success stories of B2B networking and communications companies like AT&T, Motorola, Xircom, and Intel.

But that sea change of the World Wide Web did seriously impact relationship marketing. The business development strategies of high-tech businesses were upset, with attempts to monetize Web 1.0 being mistakenly based on information dissemination. Old-fashioned PR was used to plaster product and company information all over the web ecosphere, using primarily press releases and online articles. Ever since Web 2.0 with its social model came along, B2B companies

Solving A Puzzle: Weak Web Links

March 23, 2010

Puzzle: My links stink! The quality of external links to your website reflects low traffic, weak search-engine page rankings (SERPs), high cost-per-visitor, etc.

Solution: These easy steps can improve the quality and ROI of your inbound links:

1. Be stingy about the number of links:

a. Let the quality of your site’s content drive the number of links

i. Make sure the content is compelling enough to lead to a link-generated visitor becoming a potential conversion

ii. Update content frequently on your links’ landing pages

2. Never have more than about half of your external links land visitors on your index page. Poor landing page or anchor text selection are very common mistakes, and failing to embed keywords in your anchor text is also a usual faux pas

3. Always evaluate the relevance of the external link site. Most (at least 75%) of your links should come from sites that your customer prospects are likely to frequent

4. There are questionable links from sources that can quickly get your site red flagged by search engines. Watch out for link farms, any type of for-purchase link scams, (more…)

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