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Cliches: Trite or Trendy?

April 27, 2010

Successful B2B business communication always boils down to using just the right words or phrases.  Whether it’s a speech, blog, e-mail, tweet, or press release, word-smithing is a factor. As the author of any of these document types, you may want to consider clichés as a category of phrases or words to either avoid or embrace.

Here are the top ten business clichés according to business author Seth Godin. His original ten have now grown to over 380 words or phrases in his “The Encyclopedia of Business Clichés,” most all of which have been added, or voted upon, by site users on

 Top Ten Business Cliches

1. Win-win situation 6. Paradigm shift
2. Thinking outside of the box 7. At the end of the day,…
3. Giving 110% 8. Low-hanging fruit
4. Best practices 9. Going forward
5. Synergy 10. Push the envelope

Cliches are important to good writing and effective communications. Since we all write, even if it’s just e-mail, we should (more…)

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